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3 cosas a tener en cuenta a la hora de ofrecer mesoterapia

Todo médico especialista, constantemente está en la búsqueda de innovaciones que le ayuden a ofrecer tratamientos y resultados óptimos a sus pacientes. En el mundo de la medicina estética, la mesoterapia es una de los métodos más buscados por las personas afectadas por el sobrepeso o sienten dolencias debido a inflamaciones, siendo cada vez más…
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Three popular PRP Treatments for Skincare

Thousands of skincare centers across the nation provide at the very least one kind of PRP treatment. However, most do not go any farther than micro-needling with a topical solution. This is mainly because it is far simpler than all other methods, and it is incredibly popular. However, it would make more sense to many…
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Why Dermatologists Should Use Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)?

PRP is a powerful means of regenerating tissues, and has pretty a pretty large growth in popularity among patients, especially those who suffer from alopecia. This is despite the apparently lack of evidence that supposedly surrounds the treatment. Is It A Lack Of Evidence Or Just A Lack Of Funding? The lack of widespread research…
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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) For Osteopathic Physicians

Although they can perform surgeries, osteopathic physicians try to avoid doing so whenever possible. Because of this, PRP seems to be an excellent fit for their practice. Since Osteopathy was built on the idea of self-healing, PRP seems to be a perfect fit. A little while ago, PRP research was reviewed by The Journal Of…
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