Here at Adimarket, we have been providing physicians with medical equipment and are dedicated to bringing innovation for a very long time. We cater to anything from a doctor-oriented small office to a complex laboratory designed for important scientific research.

Adimarket has a message. We have a solution. We work hard to ensure to maintain our position at the forefront of a reinvigorated system of healthcare and we mainly focus on improving, innovating and investing in the ever-so-important area of regenerative medicine.

We offer not merely medical tools for regenerative purposes, but also ensure that our clients know how to use the technology and that all our products are constructed and set up in offices or laboratories safely and functionally. We want to ensure that you are cared for not only on the day of delivery for your equipment, but that you have peace of mind in knowing you will be working with a functional product throughout its lifespan.

However, whilst we have experience and long-term relationships with our clients, it is important to progress and remain up to date on the current standards of medicine, technology and practices in the medical industry. Some of our services seemed a little dated and it was time to move forward. We want to always be innovators, whilst retaining the advantage and edge on our competitors of having long-term experience in the industry.


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This saturday and Sunday ISSCA http://www.stemcellglobal.org Regenerative Medicine Two Day Certification Program at Amerimed Hospital in Cancun Mexico..

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Global Stem Cells Group Chief Medical Officer Enrique Testart Md to Keynote in the Cardiology Congress in Ecuador June 29 ..#stemcellsgroup #stemcelltraining..

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“Studies have shown that mesenchymal stem cells are present in tissue where acute injury has occurred. These stem cells aid in regenerating healthy cells and leads to scarless replenishment of cells… READ MORE


Neurologist and Founder of Stem Cells – Brazil

“This two-day training is intense because it is only two days, but by the end of the experience, doctors have valuable information to share with their patients and take back to their practices and clinics.”…READ MORE

– Burton Feinerman, M.D.

Founder of Stem Cell Regenmed and owner of stemcellregenmed.com, New York