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  • BEAR C2202 Centrifuge

    Low-speed laboratory bench-top centrifuge with universal swing-out rotor CRS 490. Up to 32 tubes. Max speed 3500 rpm. Max RCF 2300 G. Max volume of the liquid - 360 ml. Universal bucket-rotor CRS 490 allows to spin different types of tubes at the same time CE-certified.

    The Eppendorf 5702 centrifuge has a standard maximum speed and maximum g-force. Its maximum capacity allows more samples with a ranged timer, and a continuous setting as well. With a relatively small footprint, this benchtop centrifuge can be used in a variety of applications without taking up valuable counter top real estate. Weight and dimensions make it perfect for under the shelf usage. The 5702 can be used in a range of settings, from clinical to cell culture labs.
  • Portable PRP Centrifuge

    The PRP Centrifuge is very convenient for doctors to carry around. Microcomputer control, digital display in RCF, time and speed, compact design and imbalance protection capacity for 8 X 15ml Tubes.
  • Small PRP centrifuge

    When speed counts. Superb quality in a bench top high-speed centrifuge, the Plasma Prep™ can outperform and out live the competition. Designed for a preset speed of 7200RPM, the Small Plasma Prep Centrifuge will effectively separate serum or plasma in 3 minutes or produce platelet rich plasma in 30 seconds.
  • Centrifuge (PRP & Adipose Tissue)

    Variable-speed benchtop centrifuge with speeds ranging from 100 to 3,500 rpm Compatible with four interchangeable swing-out rotors and a variety of adapters (sold separately)