In-Office Processing Equipment

In-Office Processing Equipment

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  • NB-205 Mini Shaking Incubator


    This is compact size shaking Incubator while it has powerful shaking and large work space for various vessel platforms. With benefit of small foot print, it allows stable shaking and precise temperature control.
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  • minicell_2

    MiniCell CO2 Incubator

    This is the smallest and most economical incubator for applications requiring CO2 gas control. Its small footprint makes the incubator ideal for use inside of biological safety cabinets, isolating sensitive cultures or for any laboratory simply trying to conserve bench space.
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  • flow hood_1

    18″ Wide Portable Clean Room

    For applications that require a compact and clean positive-pressure environment, the 18” Wide Mini Portable Clean Room Hood may be an excellent choice. This system is rated as an ISO Class 5 clean room cabinet.
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  • luna cell counter_1

    Automated Stem Cell Counter

    Accelerate your research with the most advanced technology. Automated Stemcell counter gives you an accurate live/dead cell counting results within 7 seconds.
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  • Elmi centrifuge_4

    Centrifuge (PRP & Adipose Tissue)

    Variable-speed benchtop centrifuge with speeds ranging from 100 to 3,500 rpm Compatible with four interchangeable swing-out rotors and a variety of adapters (sold separately)
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  • LCA _ 1

    Photoactivation Device

    This LED Cell Activator device uses LED lights at a specific wavelength and wattage to increase cellular viability, proliferation and osteogenic differentiation.  
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