Laminar Flow Hoods

Laminar Flow Hoods

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  • 32” Portable Clean Room

    Portable laminar flow hoods are small clean benches with light-weight, compact and space-saving design available in 24” and 32” width and three different materials: Clear static dissipative PVC, clear Non-dissipative PVC and white polypropylene.

    The primary purpose is to serve as the primary means to protect the laboratory worker and the surrounding environment from pathogens. All exhaust air Is HEPA-filtered as it exits the bio safety cabinet, removing harmful bacteria and viruses.

    N8-603WS is HEPA filtered clean bench and UV PCR workstation. The workstation is bench-top type, made of metal framework, polycarbonate walls and a working surface made of stainless steel. With open UV lamps and horizontal air circulation through HEPA filter, this bench is used during operation with DNA/RNA sample especially, for PCR work.