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BiosafePRP 30cc (Box of 50kits)


How to use PRP Kit

PRO PRP Kit allows up to 12.8 times more concentrated platelet count than whole blood.
Manual hand piece allows precise controllability of the Buffy Coat level for the clearest visibility.
PRO PRP provides the highest standard in extracting PRP at the most competitive price in the market.
[30cc PRP Kit] : 10 ea = 1 pack
1 Box : 100 ea
“Applicable Fields of Therapy and Treatment with PRP”
* Dental Medicine: Dental Extraction, Dental Implantation
*Surgery : Plastic & Cosmetic surgery / Dermatology,
Cardio Vascular surgery, Maxillo Facial surgery
Orthopedic surgery
* R & D : Autologous Cell culture ,Autologous Stem cell
culture, Cell differential, Tissue regeneration,
Cell separation
* Sports Therapy: Tennis elbow, Achilles tendonitis
Patellar tendonitis, Rotator cuff
Activation of concentrated platelets allows the release and multiplication of Growth Factors
and Cytokines which promotes the accelerated process of healing and reconstruction.
Upon activation, platelets change their shape with the development of pseudopods
to promote platelet aggregation and the release of granule content through
the open canalicular system.
Activation of Platelets is highly recommended to maximize the effectiveness
on PRP Therapy and Treatment.

[table td1=”Specification” td2=””] [td1] Minimun Quantity [/td1] [td2] Order of 10 (1box) [/td2] [/table]

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