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  • With the use of infrared ray, the sample can be concentrated efficiently in a vacuumed chamber in a short time.
  • The special glass has the endurance against chemicals. Induction motor makes almost no noise & vibration. Also, maintenance is not required because it is not necessary to replace brush.
  • The contamination and sample loss is minimized because the exhalation hole for vacuum is located on the top of the shaft.
  • Few micro-liters up to 50ml tube hold at once and plate rotor holds two 96 well micro-titer plate, simply interchangeable.
  • Built-in chemical free diaphragm vacuum pump is suitable for individual researchers with limited space.
  • Integrated Evaporation System.
  • (8 Mbar Diaphragm Vacuum Pump & -20’C Cold Trap & Chamber & Lid Heater).

Main specifications

Capacity (ml, ea) 1.5 ml micro—tubex 132 ea 1.5 ml tubex 12 ea, 50ml tubex 8ea, 96 well micro-titer platex2 ea.
Speed range (rpm) Max, up to 1,500 rpm
Dimensions (mm) 670(W) x685(D) x480(H) mm
Power (V/Hz) 110/220V, 50/60 Hz, 400W

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