In-Office Regenerative Medicine Bundle #2


Do you operate a stem cell harvesting laboratory, and you are having difficulties bringing it up to standard because of the high price of stem cell equipment’s? Then, you shouldn’t be worried any more.



This promo bundle contains a cost-effective deal of the two most used stem cell harvesting instruments put together for a fraction of the price if you decide to buy them separately. It contains a LED Cell Activator and a 50ml Centrifuge . With these together at this price, you will get your laboratory up and running in less than no time. Full description of each equipment included in this bundle are as follows;

1 - The LED Cell Activator: This equipment uses a specific wavelength and wattage from the LED Cell Activation to boost cellular viability, osteogenic differences as well as proliferation. The good thing about this equipment is that, it can be used for Mesenchymal stem cells, and platelet-rich plasma. This gives you more value for your money. Other advantages that comes with this LED Cell Activator includes;
Adjustable wavelength making it possible to be applied during different situations.
- An activation area that can accommodate up to two 50ml conical tubes.

2 – 50ml Centrifuge : This centrifuge is popular due its advanced service free drive, and can be applied during different Stem Cells & PRP kits applications. Besides its quietness, it is durable. It also comes with an intuitive digital control panel alongside a variable speed benchtop that can go from 100 to 3,500rpm. Besides this, it gets a whooping rotor that can accommodate 50ml tubes - this means that, you can carry out more tests in a lesser time. And if the glass lid is opens while in motion, or its rotor is not rightly balanced, the equipment automatically stops. Above all, it is FDA registered. So, if you are looking to add value to your laboratory, then getting this bundle will not only save you money, it will also improve your status in the industry of stem cell harvesting.


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