IR CONCENTRATOR is high efficient concentration equipment to study micro protein or molecular structure extracted DNA or RNA.

The required samples are extracted by concentrating DNA or RNA, Amino acids, Hormones, Enzymes, Protein in a short time by using vacuum pump and far Infrared ray.

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IR-emitting Plate Glass lid (Patent No. 10-0616063).
With the use of infrared ray, the sample can be concentrated efficiently in a vacuumed chamber in a short time. The special IR glass lid protect liquid sample having high boiling point from condensation.
Designed for heat-sensitive sample.
It is available for the wide range of heat sensitive materials such as proteins and natural substances.
Two-point Temperature Sensors.
Two of temperature sensors of chamber and bucket provide efficient concentration.
Detector to check unbalance of rotor.
The detector checks the unbalance of rotor caused by the different quantities of remaining samples during concentrating. The function ensures the environment of experiment is in a safety.
Pre-heating mode.
Pre-heating function allows to shorten experiment time by the temperature in chamber can be reached to the setting point ahead of running.
No cross-contamination, No sample loss.
The contamination and sample loss is minimized because the exhalation hole for the vacuum is located on the center of the shaft.
Compact & Mobile System.
Chemical free diaphragm vacuum pump and Cold trap is built-in the equipment.
It's suitable for individual researchers with limited space.

Main specifications
Speed range (rpm)Max up to 1500 rpm
Cold trap -20°, 2 liter Trap
Dimensions (mm) 600(W) x630(D) x1085(H) mm
Power (V/Hz) 110/220V, 50/60Hz
Weight (kg) 138kg


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