Kit Cellgenic



Cellgenic SVF isolation kit system has all the ingredients and consumables for the extraction of adipose-Derived Stem cells from fat. This complete kit it is currently being used in clinical procedures for lung disease, intra-articular injections for osteoarthritis of the knee and hip, cosmetic surgery, dermal injection, stem cell enriched fat transfer, wounds chronic ulcers among other chronic conditions.


How to use Kit Cellgenic

1 x Cellgenic Cell extraction medium 4,5ml
3 x 60 mL syringes
2 x 20 mL syringes
1 x 10 mL syringes
2 x 18 Gauge needles
3 x 18 G spinal needles
7 x Conical tubes 50 ml
6 x 8.5 cc Anticoagulant tubes
1 x 21 gauge vacutainer extraction set
2 x Alcohol swabs
1 x Tourniquets
1 x Filter