LICES C02 Incubator and Clean Bench

LICES Is Ideal multi-functional work station for Lives Cell Imaging or some applications In IVF. This HEPA filtered clean bench is equipped with C02 incubation function such as Temperature, C02, and Humidity control which provide optimal environment for Cell culture in this station. Its special designed front door allows a Microscope Installed In bench or It Is customized on demand to be fit for a particular microscope. Small microscope stage C02 incubator gives an advantage Incubating Cells on Microscope during microscopy.




Integrated Clean bench chamber combined with CO2 Incubation,Micro Scope
In HEPA filtered Clean Bench,temperatuere/CO2/humidity are controlled to provide optimum environment for cell culture.front door is designed to build your microscope.It is also epuipped with Hand Access Holes. On demand, the front door may be customized.
Excellent Temperature Control in large and Mini chamber
Using 5 side heating (heating from all side except front door)in large chamber,the large chamber have excellent temperature control which provides optimal environment for cell culture also,no condensation on lens of Micro scope during live cell imaging.Mini chamber is also epuipped with heater inside.
Effective vertical Air Flow System by low noise & low vibration blower motor
Blower motor is placed above of HEPA filter and makes vertical Air Flow through HEPA.Air curtain which is formed right behind of front door by blower motor minimizes air flow from outside when hand access port open.
Precise co2 control and appropriate humidity control
With two dual beam IR sensors,co2 is controlled precisely in large and mini chamber repectively.Humidity in large chamber is controllable by ultrasonic humidifier up to 70% Mini chamber is aslo humidified naturally 70~80% by heated water bottle.
Respective Control for each functions
Humidity,Temperature,CO2 in Mini-Chamber and Largeg Chamber are controlled individually .
Biult-in Fluorescent light and UV Light
Stainless steel(SUS304)interior chamber
2 Access port for additional devices use in chamber
Easy Lift-up by hands grip at bottom and side of bench
Various Customization Option available on request

ItemsLICES (NB-801LCS)
Work Station (Clean Bench)
Work mode (Incubation mode) 3 SELECTION MODE:
1. Large chamber (Incubation in work station only)
2. Full (Incubation in both large and mini chamber)
3. Mini chamber (Incubation in mini chamber only)
Large Chamber Incubation
Internal Dimension (mm) 635(W) x480(TOP), 670 (Bottom) (D) x720(H) mm.
Overall Dimensions (mm) 712(W) x698(D) x1087(H) mm.
Mini Chamber (For Incubation on the Stage of Micro Scope)
Dimensions 185(W) x115(D) x40(H) mm
Power (V/Hz) 110/220V, 50/60Hz, 460W
Weight (kg) 99kg


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