Magellan PRP

The Magellan® technology provides an automated dual spin processing system that can deliver (PRP) Platelet Rich Plasma as well as (PPP) Platelet Poor Plasma.

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How to use Magellan PRP

The Magellan is not your everyday centrifuge. Unlike the lab centifuges that have been repurposed, the Magellan® was specifically designed to fractionate blood at bed-side. This fully automated system processes the blood without need for manual manipulation. At the end of its cycle the MagellanPRP™ is delivered into a collection syringe and is ready for immediate application.

Key Features:
• Fully Contained - Automated System
• Self Balancing Disposable Canister Eliminates Counterweights
• Electronic Sensor Facilitates Separation Phases
• Lightweight - Space Saving Design


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