N8-603WS is HEPA filtered clean bench and UV PCR workstation. The workstation is bench-top type, made of metal framework, polycarbonate walls and a working surface made of stainless steel. With open UV lamps and horizontal air circulation through HEPA filter, this bench is used during operation with DNA/RNA sample especially, for PCR work.




CLASS 100 Environment with HEPA filter.
Vertical Lamina Air flow without re-circulation
Polycarbonate side walls and full open door with foldable hand access (17 cm from bottom)
Long Life Time UV Lamp (average 4000 hours)
Ozone free high-density UV decontamination
Simple analogue operation with S/W button
Stainless steel work surface
Low noise blower motor (cross flow fan)
Manually selectable exhaust holes in chamber (at back of chamber, there is slide cover in front of exhaust holes. It makes hole blocked or open)

Main Specifications
Chamber dimensions700(W) x600(D) x9600(H) mm
Working area dimensions 675(W) x580(D) x650(H) mm
Power 110/220V, 50/60Hz, 150W.
Weight 75kg


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