This Chest Type Shaking Incubator allows user easy access to sample and large temperature range for various cell cultures.


Features - Wide range of Temperature & Proper Height

Wide Range of Temperature (4°C~60°C)
Powerful compressor produces lowest temperature compare to its competitors
Proper Height for easy access to sample
BLDC motor system
Brushless DC motor installed in shaker of NB205Q allows no vibration, no particle occurrence, no noise which enhance stable running of shaker. Its flat construction minimizes vibration.
Automatic stop when opening door
The shaker automatically stops if the door is opened.
Window on the door
User can fully observe sample or working status of shaker in chamber through the window at the center of door without opening it.
Easy-Placing of vessel rack or platform
Without any bolts fastening accessory platform, the platform is placed easily on shakers as well as works comfortably even in high RPM.
Illumination System (Option)
Upon user's request, fluorescent lamp or UV Lamp is installable to be fit with user's desired lux. This option is provided with Automatic on & off 24 hours Timer.

Main Specifications
Dimensions (mm) 600(W) x 660(D) x 995(H) mm 820(W) x765(D) x1018(H) mm
Power (V/Hz) 110/220V, 50/60Hz, 1.5kW 110/220V, 50/60Hz, 1.7kW
Weight (kg) 106 kg 150 kg
Optional Internal Illumination Internal Illumination


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