This Is Compact Size Shaker with benefits such as small foot print, easy to move. Built-In Plate Type BLDC motor provides low noise, low vibration. Despite compact size, shaker is powerful and work place is large to load various vessels.




Extremely Low Heat Release from Shaker
The BLDC motor of shaker is powered by very low watt electricity so heat from shaker motor is very low. This is ideal for the shaker to use inside incubator or chamber where uniform temperatures maintenance is required.
Moisture Resistant Structure
Electric Coil and some electric part of shaker motor are coated with epoxy which protect electric parts from high humidity. Indeed, other electric parts such as main board, LED display are installed in remote box to be away from high humidity, CO2 or extreme environment like high or low temperatures.
Wire Remote Control Box
This allow user to control the shaker out of incubator. It display show shaker status clearly so user don't need to open incubator door to check. This saves time and minimizes energy loss caused by opening incubator door.
Thin Wire Cable connection between shaker and control box.
Very thin wire cable enable to pass through sealing part of inner glass door although no access port is in your incubator.
Placing remote box with Magnet or Hanger or just standing.
Depending on material type of incubator or situation of lab, placing remote box is available with 3 options such as magnet attachment, hanging with strap hanger, or just standing on top of incubator (or on table near incubator).

Main Specifications
Control box Size/weight (mm) 190Wx50Lx140 (H) mm/2kg 190Wx50Lx140 (H) mm/2kg
Shaker size 305x350x85(H) mm 465x540x125(H) mm
Weight 7.5kg 35kg
Power 110/220V 50/60Hz


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