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  • 32” Portable Clean Room

    Portable laminar flow hoods are small clean benches with light-weight, compact and space-saving design available in 24” and 32” width and three different materials: Clear static dissipative PVC, clear Non-dissipative PVC and white polypropylene.
  • BEAR C2202 Centrifuge

    Low-speed laboratory bench-top centrifuge with universal swing-out rotor CRS 490. Up to 32 tubes. Max speed 3500 rpm. Max RCF 2300 G. Max volume of the liquid - 360 ml. Universal bucket-rotor CRS 490 allows to spin different types of tubes at the same time CE-certified.

    The primary purpose is to serve as the primary means to protect the laboratory worker and the surrounding environment from pathogens. All exhaust air Is HEPA-filtered as it exits the bio safety cabinet, removing harmful bacteria and viruses.
  • Cellgenic Amniotic Fluid-Human placental Derived

    CELLGENIC AF is a connective tissue allograft flowable matrix. It's derived from chorion-free human placental tissue and amniotic fluid, cryopreserved to maintain the viability of the intercellular messengers. CELLGENICTM retains the biologic functionality that ensures symmetrical structure development, growth, and repair of the soft tissue by acting as a biologic matrix for use in filling defects, or for points of localized inflammation.
  • Cellgenic Flow 1ml – Exosomes

    Cellgenic Flow contains approximately 300 billion exosomes per milliliter. Exosomes are nanovesicles that contain protein and RNA and can be transferred to other cells and may support tissue repair and homeostasis.

    Cellgenic Pure contains 10 millions of live nucleated cells that exert an anti inflammatory and immunomodulatory effect that aids in optimizing the cellular environment. Paracrine signalings on contains growth factor secreting live nucleated cells that stimulate your own tissue to undergo mitosis and regenerate itself.