Most Compact Vacuum Centrifugal Concentrator in its class. Special Infrared Glass Lid spread Heat & IR to accelerate evaporation of liquid faster in vacuumed chamber. This compact equipment is ideal in molecular biology (especially DNA), proteomics, genomics, genetics, and cell biology and drug discovery labs.



Infrared rays from IR GLASS LID improve concentration speed efficiently under vacuum conditions. The transparent glass lid allows you to watch inside chamber. Real scope allows you to check the residual the residual sample without stop.
The contamination and sample loss is minimized because the exhalation hole for vacuum is located on the top of the shaft.
Teflon-coated diaphragm pump is not required to refill or exchange vacuum oil.
Foe efficient experiment, wanted temperature can be set ahead of running.
Built in Magnetic induction-drive provides maintenance free, low noise and vibration.
Up to 5,000 RPM

Main specifications
Dimensions (mm)213(W) x255(D) x225(H) mm
Power110/220V, 50/60 Hz, 210W
Weight (kg)9.5kg.


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